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08 Mar

Laravel middleware provides an efficient way to restrict and intercept HTTP request passing though your application. For example middleware is used to identify the particular user is authenticated or not commonly and which URL’s he is able to access. If the user is authenticated then the user is able to access the URL, and if […]

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21 Jul
Is using framework better than using core PHP for my custom website? By admin | Laravel, PHP, website development, 

PHP is the most popular web programming language. Many web programming languages emerged after it, but no one has touched the popularity of PHP. It has given some of the widely-used CMSs that is still building general websites, such as WordPress, Joomla, and many others. When it comes to building a custom website, you have […]

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12 Jun
7 Reasons to Choose Laravel PHP Framework. By admin | Laravel, PHP, 

There are so many choices of Php frameworks now days. So either you are a developer and wanted to explore Laravel for carrier or you are a business owner and want to make a website in both cases Laravel can be a good option. For our reader I am going to list down some of […]

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