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Hire Web Developers

Hire Web Developers

Our expert web developers work round the clock and have sound knowledge of the latest web development services and programming approaches so as to give you a crisp, efficient and appealing website. Hire web developers from us to get a website that holds the capability to mark your presence meritoriously on the web-space.


Our Web Development Services

Web Development

Lucid Softech excels in the art of constructing pleasing and serviceable websites, products, portals and web applications on the cutting-edge technologies and agendas for your business growth.

Web Theme Integration

We know what theme suits your business. Select any theme and we’ll customize it for your website to look your website professional and exactly how you like to see it.

Web Apps Creation

Hire expert web developers from us for App development services. Get your customized web app for limitless growth of your online business.

Support & Maintenance

Our expert web developers offer 24*7 support and maintenance services which include but not limited to fixing website errors, improving overall website and webpage speeds.

Web Customization

Get a customized web experience from top web developers and web designers at Lucid Softech. Having plethora of experience in custom development, our developers can develop any custom solution as per your need.

Web Consultation

Not sure where to start? Technology looks like an alien creature? Discuss your website requirement with us and our web experts will be glad to assist you at every front of web development.

Why Do You Need A Website?

24/7 availability

Your website is your shop/office which is open 24*7 for your customer to visit and contact you. Your website works for your business even when you sleep. Website provides detailed information about your business which is sometimes not possible to provide to the client.

Global Reach

Since the internet has no geographical boundaries, you can also target your customers out of your city, state and even country. So a website gives you endless business opportunities by targeting worldwide customers.

Better marketing options

When you have a website you can promote it on a number of digital channels. With the help of search engine optimization and social media marketing you can promote your business at a significantly low cost and generate leads/ sales with great ROI.

Growing internet users

These days, people are connected to internet 24*7. They do all their regular work like shopping, bill payment, bank transactions, doing research and much more on the internet. So if your business doesn’t have a website you are going to lose a huge potential market which you’d never want to. Would you?

Brand Identity

Your website is your brand identity. You can do brand building of your business through your website. You can showcase all your expertise, your experience and tell people about your wonderful team through your website.

Gives authenticity

Customers tend to trust the business which has a website. Before doing any transaction, customers look for business websites and if they find the one; chances are significantly increased that will make a transaction. So the website is really important to do the ice breaking with your potential customer.

Improved customer service

Using websites and related features you can provide great customer service. With the help of placing common customer concerns, questions and answers, forums, and community you can help customers resolve their issues on their own resulting in huge cost saving on customer service cost.

Communication with customers

With a website you can communicate with your customers in various ways. You can communicate through online chat, contact form, chat bot, emails etc. Quick and easy communication helps in converting visitors to customers and improves your bottom lines.

What Our Client Have To Aay About Us

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Our Web Development Process

We follow a simple roadmap to success

We listen and analyze your requirements. We discuss project requirements with clients and create the scope of work.


We then supply an estimate and project timeline for you to review and confirm.


Designs are created based on any supplied design guidelines combined with the current market standards as well as inputs from our skilled designers.

Better user experience

Designs incorporate both ease of use and attractive UI for an exceptional user experience.


Development starts when the designs are finalized and we deploy our best developers to make sure you get the desirable results.

Agile management

During development the project is used and tested by you, all feedback is built into the project.


We perform UAT testing and ensure compliance with the various standards to ensure a quality product.


We launch the product, setup the live services and retest to ensure all is working.

Our Journey So Far

  • 14+Years Experience
  • 800+Projects Delilverd
  • 500+Wordwide Customers
  • 85%+Repeat Customers

Benefits of hiring web developer from Us


We not just take the project but also plan for results that matches your expectation. We focus on requirements and go to any limit to achieve the project objective which is critical for any project or client.


At Lucid Softech, we only promise what we can deliver. We divide the goal into multiple parts along with a timeline for each; which will help you to track the progress of the project. We plan a hierarchy to deliver your project and share a detailed plan to achieve the goal.


Team Lucid Softech knows that the key of project success is proper communication. We carefully listen to our clients to understand their business objectives. We keep proper communication with different tools like Skype, Hangout, Jira, Trello etc and make sure that we provide consistent communication.


Our web development team suggests new ideas and latest trends to our clients. Our 9 years of experience enables us to see beyond the unseen and bring out valuable insights for you. So working with us will give you unique ideas, processes and latest trends of the market.


At Lucid Softech we believe in quality of code and that’s why we keep ourselves updated with latest technologies, trends and coding standards. We always ensure that your product is developed using the latest technologies and stands fit on all coding standards.


The project that we deliver will be based on latest standards and easy to modify later with us or without us. We don’t lock you with a static solution for your whole life. Our culture is governed by technology, process and discipline.


We have delivered web development projects and solutions in a variety of sectors to our clients around the globe. In our 9+ years of journey we have delivered web projects, eCommerce projects and various marketing solutions. You don’t need to pay us for learning and making mistakes.


It’s almost a decade since we are into web development. We have worked with various technologies, CMSs and frameworks and with our experience we suggest the best web development solutions for your business. With us will get variety in technology and can choose the one for your project.


We always keep a result oriented approach as nothing matters at the end until we provide results. This is quite obvious from work. Our clients love us and our track records are simply great. Either Its web development, web design, mobile apps or internet marketing, we delivered things on time and as per expectation.

Hiring Models

Dedicated allocation billing

If you have large projects, or if you need ongoing work, then you can choose to hire a dedicated monthly resource from us. Hired dedicated resources will work as your employee only for your project from our office or onsite as the need may be.

  • Monthly fixed billing
  • Lower hourly rate
  • 160+hours of guaranteed work per month
  • No long contract, pay as you go.

Fixed Price Project Billing

This model is great when you have a fixed requirement on any project. Once you share your requirement, we will analyze the requirement and give you a fixed price for the complete project. After you agree we can start working based on agreed terms and conditions and payment terms.

  • Cost of going over budget passes on to development team
  • Strict deadline on the project
  • Good for small size business
  • Client is free from micro managing hours on any task

Time and material based billing

In this billing model you get billed for the hours of effort required for any particular task. This model is good when you need web development service on and on/off basis. So you can hire whenever you want the developer to work on any task and pay for the hours spent.

  • Good for small business where requirements are less and also less frequent
  • Cost effective solution
  • Gives more flexibility to the project
  • Due to flexibility the end project tend to be better
Hire Web Developer as Per Your Need
Simple & Transparent Pricing | Fully Signed NDA | Code Security | Easy Exit Policy
$18 Hourly (USD)
We'll provide a fully signed NDA for your Project's confidentiality
$2500 Monthly (USD)
4 to 6 Years of Exp. Web Developer 160 hours
$12000 Monthly (USD)
Build a SCRUM Team of 5 Developers

Our Portfolio

A nice website is the first step of your online success and as a leading digital agency we always strive for creating the best one for you. Have a look at some of the great websites created by our expert web developers and designers…

Frequently Asked Questions

Time needed to develop a website varies depending on your business requirement. Website can be simple 4-5 page informational website, or it can be a complex feature rich huge application or an eCommerce website to sell products. Web development time varies form 2 weeks to few months depending on the requirement.
The website development cost varies based on the type of website you need. Basically the time is money. The more complex is the requirement, more time it will take to develop and more cost it will incur. If you need to know the cost for your website development please contact us and share your requirement and we will happy to help you.
Our web development expertise include Laravel, Magento, WordPress, Drupal, Shopify. Depending on client's requirement we suggest the technology to be used. If client has any choice then we stick to that.
We prefer to get content from client because client understands important aspects of their business, what to show case, what is important info for their customer etc. so its always better to get content from client. But still if need us to arrange content, we can provide that at an additional cost.
It is not really critical to meet face to face for web development project. We can discuss requirement over phone, instant messenger like Skype, Hangout, WhatsApp, email, etc.. We can share project updates, discuss project over phone, email and Skype. We will also share testing server details with you so that you can check the real time progress on the project. But if you are some where near to our place we would love to meet you.
Yes, we do provide web hosting service as well. If you need web hosting service, do let us know we we will propose the best hosting solution for you.
Yes, you can see how many visitors visited your website on any day, week, month. We will create analytics account for you to see your website traffic.
Our server experts and web developers work together to ensure that your website is running properly 24*7. We manage server resources, give you alerts and update on your server usage and ensure time action on any server related issue. We take care of any server related issue at our end and never leave your server unattended.
In a dynamic website you can have any number of pages. More the better from SEO perspective for better rankings in search engines.
Yes, we can develop eCommerce website using Magento, Shopify, X-cart and custom eCommerce solution using Laravel. We suggest best solution for you based on your requirement.
Our standard payment term is 50 % payment before start of the project 40% after completion of the project on testing server 10% after making site live on client server This payment term varies from project to project. For example ongoing regular work cannot work in this model. So depending on the project we give our payment terms.
After full payment on the project you are the owner of the source code.
Since its a service industry and there are big companies, mid size companies, small companies and freelancer all are working in this industry. So You will see huge variation in pricing based on company, their process, quality, capability, reliability, predictability etc. A big company has lot of overhead cost so they cannot match the price of small company and a small company cannot match the price of freelancer. But if the price differs, the quality of product and service also differs significantly. The location of the company is also a very critical factor in determining the price of the project. US companies can never match the price of south east Asian countries like India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh etc. So these are some of the reasons on why we see huge variation in price of the project. So client needs to compare the cost vs benefit they are getting and based on that choose their vendor for web development.
Yes, we provide online marketing services to our clients. Our digital marketing services include SEO ServicesSMO Services and PPC management.

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