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You Can Get Your Site Into Google News !!

By Lucid Softech IT Solutions | Social Networking,  25 Mar 2016

Getting your site into Google News can help your site attain additional exposure. Anyone can submit their website to Google for getting included in Google News; however, in order to being accepted by Google you need to fulfill certain criteria. Some of the key factors are mentioned below :

You Can Get Your Site Into Google News !!

  1. Publish original content on your website: In case you have copied the content from another place or it resembles the already published content then Google will certainly not add your website to Google News.
  2. The articles published should have a considerable length :The articles should be ideally around 250 words which would provide some useful information to the viewers.
  3. Titles should clearly describe the news topic: The titles can contain atleast 2 or a maximum of 22 words including the major keywords about the topic. You should try to use unique titles as if your title matches the title of any published article then there are chances of your article being filtered out.
  4. Generate multiple articles daily :You will have to publish atleast 3 articles per day as to exist into Google news you will have to show more activity and provide fresh content to the viewers.
  5. Include videos / images related to the content : Videos & images can easily help you to catch the attention of onlookers.
  6. The content on your website should be from multiple authors: Google news considers websites from established organizations where a variety of authors have contributed their content. You can create a page on your site display short biographies and photographs of all the writers to show their presence on the website.
  7. Display advertisements on your website : Include advertisements on your site but do not use them in excess as huge number of ads can lead your site to be considered as malicious in the review conducted by Google news.
  8. Always include an “about us” or “contact us” page on your website: Providing contact numbers , email address and other such information on your site will prove your validity to Google news and its readers.
  9. Keep account of specific technical requirements of Google news :You should have unique URLs for each published article for proper indexing by Google news. The URL can contain atleast 3 digits & should not look like a year. For eg : Google news will easily index an article having a title with digits “572” but won’t be able to index a title with digits “2015” as it resembles a year.

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