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Website layout the most underestimated but very important part of Web development process

By Lucid Softech IT Solutions | web design, Web Development,  13 May 2016

It’s been 10 years into the industry I have been part of various web development project. Being into business analyst and project management role I am more into discussion with client. Based on my experience I see that in web development major focus is given on functionality of the website. How the website will work, what features user will get etc.

Website layout the most underestimated but very important part of Web development process

But over a period of time I have found that website layout is the most important aspect and most time consuming part as well. If the website layout comes in place the website development becomes a cakewalk. Layout is an art and development is mathematics. Art can have various views nothing wrong and nothing right so we go into deeper discussion on what comes where. We have to do various iterations and then we reach to a final design of various pages of the website, where as in development the logic needs to be written properly. I agree that there is always a better way of writing logic but that is much narrow zone as compared to design and layout. We can reach to a better code level easily as there are standard guidelines given and client usually don’t bother much about it as long as code runs OK.

The major difference lies in a good and an average performing web Development Company is how they come up with a website structure and design. Sooner the better structure you bring up your turn around becomes quick and you can get better profitability on a project. If you browse check through various companies you will agree to me. If you compare any 2 websites one very good and other not so good, the only difference you can figure out is layout and design through your naked eyes in most of the cases and that is what matters the most to the world.

Most visually appealing and more properly structured website gives better return. This is well known fact and you must have heard it million times but you won’t find many companies giving due importance to this aspect.

One more very important aspect of the website layout is performance in search engine. The better your website structure is better it will perform in search engine which will get more traffic and then website will actually serve its purpose. So website layout is much important than what we think and needs to be given very high importance during website development process.

We at Lucid Softech have understood this aspect very well. We understand the importance of structured and visually appealing website. We give due importance to website layout, design and user experience and convey the same to the client in a very easy to understand language and bring our the best design in cooperation with the client. Cooperation with client reduces the rework and we deliver the project in much quicker.

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