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Laravel 6 LTS is launched. Everything about Laravel 6

By Lucid Softech IT Solutions | Laravel, PHP,  05 Sep 2019

It’s been long since we were waiting for new LTS version of Laravel. Now our wait is over and Laravel has launched its new LTS version Laravel 6. Now the 1st question that comes to our mind is what is new in Laravel 6. In this blog we are going to tell you about what is new in Laravel 6.

Laravel 6 LTS is launched

The best part of Laravel 6 is that its LTS (Long term support) version and it will provide security fixes till Sept 3rd, 2022. There are lots of new features and improvements will take place in new Laravel version.

Let’s start with the features.

Semantic versioning:  It’s also known as “Semver”. Version upgrade is always been a problem for developers, release managers so to overcome that issue Semver is getting used for managing release and major upgrades. Laravel 6 is also using Semver which will give a hassle free way to upgrading your old Laravel version to new version.

Job specific middleware: In Laravel 6, Otwell added an ability from which job specific middleware can be managed for queued jobs.  So now in Laravel 6 you can specify middleware when dispatching a job.

Lazy collections: This is one of the major features you will get with Laravel 6. Lazy collection will give an enhanced version of collection class which will give you provision to work with large dataset entries while keeping memory usage low.  So it will be a good option if you are going to deal with huge eloquent models then LazyCollection will be a good option.

Laravel UI: The scaffolding of Laravel 5.x will be extracted now I Laravel through Laravel UI . Front-end scaffolding will also exist but it will not be included by default with Laravel 6, means Vue or Bootstrap scaffolding will not be there.

So here are some major changes explained in the article.

Being a Laravel development company we recommend you to upgrade your application from Laravel 5.x to Laravel 6. Still if you have any queries regarding upgrade, previous applications etc then feel free to get in touch with us.

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