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Important Tips for Designing Consideration for SEO Friendly Website

By Lucid Softech IT Solutions | search engine optimization, SEO, Web Development,  08 Dec 2015

With the ever increasing and rising use of the technologically expanding internet world, the business and marketing domain is at its full peak. Gone are the days when business and work was just related to documents and physically located offices. Now, it’s high time to start up your business, organizations and companies that has a global presence and e-commerce has made this dream come true. The commercial aspects for doing a business cannot be neglected and internet has given such a drastic boom to it today. A huge amount of traffic would be able to attain your services and products. All of your provisions can be made available to lots of people in the entire world, if your business has its grounds on the web world.

“Important Tips for Designing Consideration for SEO Friendly Website” is locked Important Tips for Designing Consideration for SEO Friendly Website

Congregating the traffic on the site is the foremost obligation for any website and for this; they need to perform in search engines. One has to be sure that the website he develops has all the SEO friendly structure so that site performs well in search engine and it leads to the great traffic assemblance. Having Search Engine Friendly Navigation basically means creating a structure that search engines can follow.

Below are a few strategies for designing a search engine optimization friendly websites:-

  • Check Website Navigation

Checking up the routing of the websites is the foremost tip for the designing of an SEO friendly website which ensures you that, all pages of your website can be found and indexed. If this tip is not taken under consideration then it can adversely affect SEO and lead to much reduced website traffic.

  • Stay away from using javascript

Avoid using JavaScript navigation because they restrict your search engine spider to fully crawl the content of your website. An another important thing you have to keep in mind is that if you are using a JavaScript DHTML navigation system then make sure that you implement a hyperlink sitemap to allow the search engine spiders to have access to your full website.

  • Apply valid HTML code

In order to improve the search engine friendliness it would be better to implement valid HTML code on the most influential pages of your website that will surely reduce the probability of website crawling and directory problems.

  • Implement a Hyperlink sitemap

An another tip for designing SEO friendly website is to Implement a sitemap using hyperlinks and link to it using a static hyperlink from your homepage. Make sure that the sitemap contains a categorized list of all pages enclosed in your web site using hyperlinks. The anchor text used for each link should accurately replicate the content of the page concerned using one or two relevant keywords.

  • Avoid Dynamically Generated Content

Dynamically generated page URL’s (URL’s including ?, =, &, %) are much harder for some search engines to index. When choosing a Content Management System (CMS) try to pick one which creates static HTML pages like content.htm, content,content.asp, content.php or similar, rather than dynamic URLs.

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