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‘Google Webmaster and SEO Improvements’

By Lucid Softech IT Solutions | search engine optimization, SEO, Seo Services, Web Development,  18 Aug 2015

Google webmaster is all-in-one SEO tool that is provided free by Google. With the help of this webmaster tool you will be able to make all the SEO improvements for your website. Let’s discuss in detail ‘The Google Webmaster and SEO Improvements’.

‘Google Webmaster and SEO Improvements’

HTML Improvements: This Section will suggest HTML Improvements which comes under Search Appearance like:

  • Duplicate meta descriptions
  • Long meta descriptions
  • Short meta descriptions
  • Missing title tags
  • Duplicate title tags
  • Long title tags
  • Short title tags
  • Non-informative title tags
  • Non-indexable content

Search Traffic: With this Webmaster Option you will come to know that how people are reaching to your website.

  • Search Queries: Get all the searching terms here and how people are coming to your website, and you will also get a better keyword from here.
  • Links to Your Site: Know which type of backlinks your website have if there is any low quality link, send a request to remove your link from there or disavow them by list.
  • Internal Links: This will help you to make your internal linking better that will increase your keyword visibility on the web.
  • Manual Actions: If your website has any manual spam activity,you will a get a message in webmaster tool here in Manual Actions.

Google Index: Know the status of your indexed pages on Google.

  • Index Status: On this Tab you will come to know how many pages are indexed by Google for search result.
  • Content Keywords: This will show you all the keywords that your web content have with it and can be optimized for them.
  • Remove URLs: You can submit a removal request to Google for the ‘Not found Website URLs’ so Google Bots will stop crawling them and remove them on search result page as well.


  • Site Errors: You will come to know how your page crawled by the Google Bots and for more details you can check the sub-tab, even you can download them in the CSV file as well.
  • Fetch as Google: One of the important part of Google Webmaster where you can fetch all the pages has not been indexed to the search Engine by the Crawlers.
  • Blocked URLs: This part of webmaster will help you block some specific folders and web pages that not need to be cached by the Google Crawlers with the help of robots.txt.
  • Sitemaps: You submit your site map for all the formats (For sitemap.xml) with the help of this section of webmaster’s tool.
  • URL Parameters: This area of Webmaster will allow you to set a parameter for Google Bots for the URL. But Use this feature only if you’re sure how parameters work. Incorrectly excluding URLs could result in many pages disappearing from search.
  • Security Issues : You will get a message from Google if they find any security issues on your website.

Google webmaster provides excellent scope of SEO website Improvement by following all the points and instruction that you will get in webmasters tools. I have mentioned the Major Section of Google Webmaster that will help you to make your website more SEO Friendly, In the next post we will discuss about Google Analytics and SEO, site performance on the Web.

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