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5 best Shopify apps which add value to your store

By Lucid Softech IT Solutions | Shopify,  11 Jul 2017

Marketing and promotion of a business, surging the traffic on the social networking websites, a timely update of the customer reviews, monitoring and superintending the search engine performance etc are few of the tasks in business, that need to be tackled efficiently for a better economic growth.

Shopify app store comes to the rescue in this scenario. The Shopify development is taken care of with the objective to provide unlimited solutions to the business concerning issues and to simultaneously divert the traffic in the desired direction.

But the question to ponder over is which one would be the best fit among the uncountable apps that are flooding the store?

Looking at the people’s need/preference and the inclination of the Shopify developers towards the furtherance in certain specific apps, we have 5 names that are currently topping the list.

• Product upsells: paying few bucks to buy and install this app from the Shopify app store can in turn, escalate the sales graph tremendously. Observing the kind of items a customer is adding to his/her cart; The Product up sell unveils and showcases certain other concomitant and associated products so as to cue the customer about things they might be interested in buying. Therefore, it can carry on the task of prompting the customers even in the absence of oodles of human resource.

• Google shopping: this app can help you sync the Shopify store products with the Google merchant center, in the most effortless manner. The synchronization keeps the Google shopping updated as soon as a change is observed in the Shopify store. Besides the easy management, it helps in highlighting the product as a resultant of which the sales increase. It won’t cost you a single penny. Hence you can download and install it anytime to boost the sales.

• Exit offers: the app act as a final stroke on the customers when they are on the verge to leave the store. It thereby results in the upsurge of the sales graph since it is obvious to get tempted after seeing major discount offers on products. Soon after the cursor exits the window of the customer, an automatically generated message is delivered offering a discount code in return of their e-mail.

• Yotpo reviews: trust has always been a debatable issue when it comes to online shopping. Yotpo avails the facility of reading reviews about a specific product. It is intended to win people’s confidence so as to persuade them to shop whole heartedly. What adds to the trust quotient is the fact that reviews are posted by the people among the crowd who can be the best to share their experience of buying it. A mail is sent to the buyer, by Yotpo, after a few weeks of purchase, thereby requesting a feedback on the product they bought. Henceforth, the reviews are published on a single page along with the product description. These reviews can also be easily shared on the social networking websites like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and many more.

• eBay importer: this app works in association with the Shopify store. It helps in copy- pasting the catalogue from the eBay to the Shopify store. It helps in appealing more customers so as to increase the sales. Moreover, the copying mechanism is so effectively carried out that all the categories to sort the thousands of items, to link the images complimenting the products, to handle the variations and the additional filters etc are supported by the app in the best possible manner. The application works to make your products stand out from the run of the mill stuff by promoting it time and again.

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