Case Study Safarikids

Case Study Safarikids


Its top most and growing preschool, nursery school across the globe. It is founded in Silicon Valley in 2005 with branches in United States, Canada, India, Hong Kong, Malaysia and London.


The main challenge was, school was opened from 5 years and they have tried promotion activities on website but were not getting proper success. There was no doubt about their education and teaching policies. The main issue was less awareness of school and that’s why not so many people were approaching the school. We were already in a long term relationship with client with web development task so owner showed trust on us and we came into role.

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We made website as our first target because we saw that there was no proper form available and was only one page available for one location. So we decided to create a way from which we can show branches of school in website with different – different addresses so that we can spread awareness. We created a plan and researched the keywords that most students and parent use in search queries. At the same time our team of content writers started working on unique and decent content for Safarikid. We have created plan for country wise keeping in mind that we are going to target other countries as well. As owner of Safarikid was visiting to related countries for branch setup and other operations. He was also doing some events which were getting covered in newspaper and we got that for making website content rich. So we start getting good content and news paper article for school, and this helped. We expanded the school information in details, added fees structure, teacher’s info, testimonial, article, news and many more so that if any parent will visit the site then they will get good content and knowledge about school. At the same time our Digital marketing team was working on various SEO and SMO activities. We did promotion on Facebook, Twitter. We created a YouTube channel and uploaded all the video testimonials of parents and that helped a lot. Our SEO team started creating high quality links through various link building activities. We kept collecting events, programs information from school and posted on Social media time to time. So this help us bring the website to a different level.


In 3 months, impressions started appearing in Google analytics and we saw response from country wise and enhanced the plan accordingly. By end of 5th month they have started getting peoples enquiry by contact form and email. Due to positive results and marketing support they are running school and five international schools and still going on. School strength increased in 9th month globally. Right now we have converted they websites platform from Symphony to WordPress with advance features and continuously working on previous school rankings along with new branches.

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Client Say's

What client say's about the project


I am interested to work again with Lucid Softech. They not only fixed my website but optimized my heavy database and added lots of new features. I would highly recommend them.


-Alan Brown


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