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X-cart E-commerce vs Magento E-commerce

By Lucid Softech IT Solutions | CMS, magento, Web Development, x-cart development,  25 Jul 2015

Before diving into comparisons between the X-cart E-commerce Vs Magento E-commerce, an in-depth understanding of their individual features, qualities and then there differences is of the essence.

E-commerce is an essential part of any online business, and achieving success will require more than just having good business skills. You will have to ensure that the features you use for your online trade live up to their expectations. For instance, ensuring that the platform you choose is more suited for your kind of business, making sure that the profits keep coming in, and also that the shopping cart you choose is of top notch service to your business offering the quality and quantity of service required. The shopping cart you choose has to provide the best in different designs and customizable options, and is also able to handle a lot of orders for products and generally meet the clients’ needs.

In 2011, X-CART, a PHP solution and an open source structure, introduced their newest version which offers a one page checkout system by default, and most people found it amazing. It is a licensed paid shopping cart, and it offers various flexible pricing suitable for any type and size of business, currently powering over 20,000 online stores.  The platform also introduced a lot of easy to use, customer friendly features that are much simpler to use than its older versions. For instance, items can be edited in bulk, filters can be used to change effects and images, customers can check as many boxes as they want of products, they can make changes to orders and do more. It simply saves shopping time!

X-cart E-commerce vs Magento E-commerce

MAGENTO on the other hand, is a platform using PHP solution and Zend framework. It is the most popular of the e-commerce platforms available online, largely used by major brands and shops, and currently powers over 120,000 online stores. The platform offers a free and paid option and is rumoured to offer the most flexible solution in e-commerce.
X-CART and Magento share  Common features, and these features  include that they both allow customers the flexibility of adding an unlimited number of categories, products, and  images, sell different types of products both virtual and physical goods as they require and more. They both provide a multiple and flexible payment and shipping options and they also provide free customisable templates, unlimited access to CSS and HTML options should you prefer to create your own template.

The difference between the XCart and Magento exudes from each platform having their individual and peculiar features from a competitive point of view.
XCart is notably more user friendly and easier to use for newbies than Magento, because magento offer a more complex feature like with CSS and HTML. On the contrast, Magento offer a lot more features and extensions located in its Connect Marketplace than Xcart does. Finally when it comes to speed, because Xcart has less consuming features and resource, it is faster even without much optimization than Magento.

In concluding, both shopping carts are great and suit comfortably well with any business but you will definitely need the help of a professional and affordable developer for perfection!

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