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What’s new in X Cart 5.3 ?

By Lucid Softech IT Solutions | x-cart development,  12 Aug 2016

In our recent post we have discussed about few features of X Cart 5.

Now for more enhancements X Cart released 5.3 beta version on 2nd June.

We have installed X Cart 5.3 beta and take a deeper look in changes and modifications. So overall we found few major improvements in it.

What’s new in X Cart 5.3 ?

1) Rebuild cache is not a hassle, If you are a developer then you will be familiar with this word. In older versions after each and every changes you need to “Rebuild cache” from admin and from this changes were getting affected and its a time taking process for big websites. So in X Cart 5.3 you can easily write the code and your changes will take place automatically.

2) Compatible with Php 7, X Cart 5.3 is running and compatible with Php 7 which is the latest. From this response time is improved.

3) Bulk edit, In X Cart new version user will be able to edit multiple product at the same time. For example if we need to change the category of 15 products from “T-shirt” to “Casual shirts” then we can do this all together.

4) Inline edit, X Cart 5.3 is allowing user to edit the description of a product on product detail page directly. There is no need to search product and edit through WYSIWYG editor.

5) Attractive new themes, In newer version (For new projects) skin is available and that theme will be clean and with useful sections. So if you are a business owner and want to build you website in Xcart 5.3 then you will be able to use new theme. For those users who are using old version and standard skin then they can continue it.

Above mentioned are few amazing enhancements towards design as well as usability point of view.

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