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Top 10 Off page activity for your website

By Lucid Softech IT Solutions | search engine optimization, SEO,  08 Mar 2016

SEO techniques always play a significant role in the website ranking management. They are considered as very efficient and bring out fruitful results. Google algorithm always keeps on changing to maintain the quality and rankings of the websites. It is very important for any business to improve the website ranking and visibility play very significant role. It is the responsibility of SEO people to work out methods so that the intended websites get a proper visibility and ranking. The focus on the off page activity depends upon the Link building, Social media, Social bookmarking.

“Top 10 Off page activity for your website” is locked Top 10 Off page activity for your website

Though on-site and off page activity are both an important factor for the development of the website. But, it is also very important to note that off page strategies are also a very important one has to know how to maintain off page activities to keep up the ranking and traffic intact and consistent. Therefore, SEO team also deploys various off-site activities such as Link building as already mentioned above includes various techniques. They are given below,

  • Article directories that act as a source for the people who search for the required details and each article is connected with a link directed to the intended website.
  • Blog directories also act as a source for the required product, where all the details are given building the brand image along with a connecting link in the blog.
  • Comment links is another useful tool that makes people participate actively and without their knowledge spread the message about the brand. Even a negative publicity is considered as publicity in the marketing strategy.
  • Forum signature, indicates participation in intended forums. By participating in the forum, people are indirectly involved in the targeted forum, thereby spreading the message about the intended product or website. This is also found to be very powerful method.
  • Photo sharing is another important method. There are several important and renowned photo sharing sites where you an use these sites systematically so spread your message.
  • Link baiting: it is another method where a piece of interesting information created and it will lead the viewer to main website effectively.
  • Press releases is an another significant method, where efficient press release announces to viewers that there are many things which are worth to get viewers attention.
  • Social bookmarking is another method where marketing people can create the presence of the targeted product effectively and results are consistent in this method.
  • Question and answer forums on different social media platforms where it attracts millions of the people and it is useful for both end users and manufacturers and sellers alike.
  • Business directories and local advertisement is another important feature of this off page marketing method, where products are listed in different categories so that people can find out the intended product very easy.

These are the some of the methods where one can find off page activities are found to be highly useful for the people desiring to get fair page ranking in Google.

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