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Ten Strategies for Effective SEO of E- Commerce Websites

By Lucid Softech IT Solutions | search engine optimization,  07 Jun 2015

Starting a new business? Need a website for your organization? Here is something you must know before thinking of a business website. Online transactions are most common these days. A website of a company must be greatly attractive and informative for the users. It may be simple or more complicated based on the need of the business unit. An e-commerce website must be completely customized. Every e-commerce website must have some uniqueness in them. Thus a perfect and effective SEO strategy has to be adapted while developing such sites. Here are the best SEO strategies that will help you in designing a perfect e-commerce website.

Ten Strategies for Effective SEO of E- Commerce Websites

  1. User Reviews: An e-commerce site must definitely contain the reviews of products given by users. This alone will help in motivating the sales of the product and increase the popularity of the site. User reviews make the website more interactive and the site could also get feedbacks from customers for improvement.
  2. No Manufacturer’s Description: Copying and pasting the product description given by the manufacturer will never help. The description must be re- written in a simpler and attractive form in an e-commerce site. This will provide better understanding of products and its uses. It also gives uniqueness to the site.
  3. Simple URL: The URLs for the products and categories must be kept as simple as possible. Using complicated and unnecessary tags or Ids in URLs will make them difficult to identify for the users. The URL must also be search engine friendly which will make the site get more priority while searching.
  4. Use Links: Product description must have some useful links and the links must be keyword- based. This will definitely add more meaning to the description written and a strong name to the e-commerce site. Certain links in the e-commerce website will provide detailed information regarding the product and they will be more helpful to the users in understanding the details well.
  5. SEO Keyword Field: While designing the product database, there must be an SEO Keyword Field which uses common keywords for identification.
  6. Image optimization: Product and brand images must be unique and contain alternative text.
  7. Easy Access: All the products must not be more than three clicks away from the home page. As homepage indicates the rank, keeping products closer is very essential. The direction must be made simple and redirection to other products or back to the home page must be easy for the users. This makes the e-commerce site more useful.
  8. Internal Links: Internal links are very much essential for e- commerce websites. They help in accessing keyword rich content within the site from important paragraphs.
  9. Anchor Texts: Give links to anchor texts like ‘View’, ‘More’ for information which is not much essential. This increases the search engine optimization of any e- commerce site. Customers will get a better view of valuable information.
  10. Brand Landing: An optimized page for brand landing is essential if your company sells branded products. This helps customers to identify products easily.

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