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Some Free Shopify Apps

By Lucid Softech IT Solutions | Shopify,  11 Apr 2017

There are a lot more apps one can know are there in Shopify app. Few apps are very efficient, easy to use and guess what you don’t have to pay a penny also, these apps are of totally for free. If you are an entrepreneur working through Shopify then you got yourself a lucky draw by knowing about this free apps.

Some Free Shopify Apps

There are many free apps in Shopify but the most running and current free apps in Shopify in the year 2017 are these which I am going to tell you about.

Top 10 Shopify Apps For Free
1. Plug In SEO
This app is very useful for the people who search a lot about things. But do you know how to check your search engine performance? Plug In Seo is an app to check your search engine performance and will tell you if you can fix the problem or not if there is one, it will check your store’s homepage and display you the details about the store.
2. Free Shipping Bar
What do you think about making your regular customer very happy by offering free shipping offers to them? Free Shipping Bar permits you to show your free transporting offer in a slide out bar, demonstrate dynamic messages when client put more things in their shopping basket, and praise clients when they got free sending offers.This will make your relationship with your client more strong than before.


3. Yotpo
Every product needs to reviewed as it attracts more clients. But writing reviews for every product or hiring people for that its lots of time and energy and also money waste. This Yotpo App helps the Shopify owners by generating automatic reviews.

This is good right you can directly post these reviews wherever you require them like in facebook, twitter and in all social networking sites from where you get more number of clients.
4. Social Media Stream
Do you think that you are wasting your time by posting and editing them for getting more followers? then you should definitely think about this app Social Media Stream app helps you to exhibit your all social media posts on one page by which you can increase a lot more followers than you expect.
5. McAfee Secure
So many people will be hesitating to trust as because there have been a lot of frauds. To make your client ensure that your site safe and secure and can make conversations before confirming anything, you can use this McAfee Secure App.
This app makes your client feel secure to use your site. It will give you trust mark and also a verification page in a language according to the login browser so that the client can get full details to feel safe to use your site.
6. Google Shopping
This is the simplest and easy way to keep your listings updated by using Google Shopping App. This app makes an attachment between your Shopify store and google merchants. This helps you to be updated.
7. Facebook Store
We all know that facebook is the most using social networking site where one can get a number of clients very easily. So this Facebook Store app will be posting about your products in facebook from where you will get more number of clients directly and also by sharing to their friends.
8. ALT Text
We all know every site needs more traffic to make the site successful, For that the site must me in top positions in the search engine. The ALT Text app helps the site to get more traffic by generating automatic text for the images in your Shopify store according to the given parameters.
9. Improved Contact Form
When a visitor comes to your site but never purchase anything or purchase a huge amount of products suddenly then you would definitely want to know the reason right? So Improved Contact Form helps you to know your visitor’s location and which sites they searched before coming to your site. By knowing this you can estimate the particular locality choices at that time so you can make more promotion of your product at that place.
10. Better Coupon Box
Just imagine getting a discount coupon when you enter a store for the very first time wonderful right? Better Coupon Box is somewhat like that when your customer visits your site for the first time a popup will be generated which offers a discount on the given profiles.

I hope this information has helped you to know about some free Shopify apps.

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