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Magento Development- Installation and features

By Lucid Softech IT Solutions | magento, Uncategorized,  28 Sep 2015

Richly featured with CMS along with its entire front-to-back e-commerce solution, Magento has become top choice for retailers. It uses Zend PHP and MySQL databases. The solution presents itself as a professional open source e-commerce platform.

Magento offers a vast array of tools which are mandatory for building up of an all featured online portal. Besides, there is a host of built-in options it provides like coupon codes, very detailed statistics, wider SEO options, promo pricing and much more. The product has just so much to offer to the retailers who want to keep their customers shop big and easy.

Magento is a trademark of Varien. Many techies face problems in Magento installation. So, let’s learn how to install Magento. We will discuss it in two ways; firstly Manual installation and secondly automatic one via cPanel Site Software.

Manual Installation

To install manually, follow the following steps. Keep clicking continue wherever it appears on screen.

  • Download the latest Magento package form.
  • Upload the package on any of your hosting account going through cPanel or using any FTP client. You can place this download file either in a public_html folder or any subfolder. After uploading it, you can extract it.
  • Create a MySQL database and assign a user to it. Keep the details with you as you will need it during script installation.
  • Select the preferred time zone, location and currency.
  • Enter the entire database details, and check Skip Base URL validation before next step.
  • Create admin account by entering your personal information and admin login details. Encryption key field is optional, script can fill it in case you don’t.
  • When you find your encryption key, note down as it will be further used by Magento for encrypting purpose (for passwords, credit cards and other confidential info).

Automatic Magento Installation via cPanel Site Software

This is easy and fast way to installation of Magento Steps are:-

  • Go to cPanel and look for Site Software icon.
  • Search Magento in Ecommerce section. Open it.
  • Enter admin username and password.
  • Click install for script installation. For uploading Magento installation, you can form a specific folder. Else it will be directed to web root directory for your account.
  • When the installation is complete, you will get confirmation screen with list of URLs of installation’s front and back ends, Magento admin login details. With this you will also get the Magento encryption key and the link to SiteGround Magento tutorial.

Features in Magento:-

The biggest benefit of Magento is its large array of features which contribute towards making a successful and easy-to-navigate online shopping store. Apart from this, international support and high level security with private SSL certificate makes the store a safe zone for shopping and a lucrative place for e-commerce.

Analytics and Reporting is an important asset. Product Browsing, Catalog Browsing and Catalog Management form visualization aids. Thereafter Customer Accounts and Customer Service give an enjoyable shopping tour.

After order is placed, Order Management, Payment, Shipping and Checkout makes the visit to store worthwhile. Further Search Engine Optimization, International Support and Site Management are also admirable features. There are several Marketing Promotions and Tools that include coupons, discounts and different promotion options.

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