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Is using framework better than using core PHP for my custom website?

By Lucid Softech IT Solutions | Laravel, PHP, website development,  21 Jul 2017

PHP is the most popular web programming language. Many web programming languages emerged after it, but no one has touched the popularity of PHP. It has given some of the widely-used CMSs that is still building general websites, such as WordPress, Joomla, and many others. When it comes to building a custom website, you have to go with either PHP framework or core PHP.

Is using framework better than using core PHP for my custom website?

With lots of PHP frameworks in the market, recently, Laravel Development has grabbed the limelight. Nowadays, Laravel developers are developing some of the great websites. The question that might be arising in your mind is, what you should choose when building a custom website? Should you opt Laravel development or core PHP for your custom website? This has been an issue of debate for a long time. Though amateur developers always consider Laravel over the Core PHP. But is it really better? Perhaps, this article will help you figure it out.

Comparing using Maths instance:

One can relate the difference between Core PHP and Larval development in terms of Mathematics. Suppose, you have to solve a difficult logical Mathematics. Now, you will either solve it by calculating it using pen and paper or you can also use a calculator for solving or breaking down the question. Here, solving the problem by using pen and paper can be similar to coding core PHP, while using a calculator to solve the problem is similar to coding in the Framework.
Smart students can solve faster by minimizing the steps and applying shortcuts. Frameworks like Laravel development can be that smarter solution. While an average student will go through every step for solving the question. Core PHP can be that average solution.

Frameworks as a calculator :

Anyone can solve the problem accurately by using the calculator within a short period. Similarly, the framework helps to build applications efficiently. While developers have to apply their own logic and skills for coding in Core PHP. When a team is working on Core PHP, then it can also produce varying solutions. This is because every programmer might script the code in a different way. Also, the work quality might not be satisfactory. However, for giving the best results, programmers must have a thorough knowledge of core PHP.

Laravel development advantage:

Laravel Development has the advantage of providing accuracy, reliability, and consistency. It is a guarantee of getting these qualities when a team of Laravel developers works together. It has a systematic platform, therefore one can easily code according to the client’s requirement. It also helps you to take care of different elements like MVC architecture, documentation support, and database. Throughout the process, it will guide you about codes.

Modification and customization:

It is difficult to modify big project built on Core PHP. Therefore, the core PHP programmer would not agree to make changes after the completion of the project. On the other hand, revamping or modifying a project built on PHP framework is simple. It is one of the biggest advantages of PHP frameworks.

The drawback of PHP frameworks:

With every good thing, there always comes a bad thing. For learning a PHP framework, one needs to learn the core PHP. To be a good programmer, one has to learn every minute detail, including codes, classes, syntaxes and so on. It involves a lot of coding. An amateur might find it hard to cope-up with it.

The final Verdict:

If you want to build a custom and highly secured website, then better go with PHP frameworks. Apart from hiring Laravel developers, you can also hire developers from Codeigniter, Symphony, and other PHP frameworks.

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