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Install Drupal 8 on your localhost through Wamp server. By Admin | Drupal, Drupal 8,  07 Jun 2017

Drupal 8 is one of most popular CMS now days. And today in this article we are listing step by step process to install Drupal 8 on your local system. This article will be helpful for Drupal beginners. To install it on your local you need any local server setup. Here we will use wamp for our Drupal 8 installation.

Install Drupal 8 on your localhost through Wamp server.

1- Download wamp from

Just run the exe file and it will start the installation.

Once the Wamp will be installed then on the configured location there will be a folder called “wamp”. And under that there will be a folder “www” in which all site will run.

2- Download latest Drupal 8 . You can easily download the Drupal 8 from the location shared and you will get the latest Drupal version.

3- Extract the download zip file. Create a folder under wamp\www and copy the files in it.

4- Now open your local Phpmyadmin. For this you need to open http://localhost/phpmyadmin . User name will be root usually. And after login create a database.

5- Now when you will open http://localhost/ then you will see a folder name that you have created in step 3. Click on it to install Drupal 8.

6- Installation will start and first it will ask you choose language. So select English and click on “Save and continue”.

7- Then it will ask installation profile. Here you can choose “Standard” and click again on “Save and continue”.

8- In next window it will ask for database details. Here you need to enter the database name that you have created during step 4. In database username enter root and click on save and continue.

9- Now it will start the installation progress.

After few second it will start installation of modules automatically.

10- In next window it will ask site name, username, email and other important information. So you need to fill all these details and click on “Save and continue”.

11- Now installation is completed. You will be able to see a homepage.

So it’s done now. Start working on the Drupal 8 and enjoy its features. And if you think that you are getting some errors and want to hire a expert Drupal developer then you can get in touch with us at .

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