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Important facts about new X Cart 5.

By Lucid Softech IT Solutions | x-cart development,  12 Aug 2016

As we all know that Xcart recently launched the new version i.e. Xcart 5. And just after that we have worked on Xcart 5 and done upgrades from Xcart 4 to Xcart 5 for our clients. During migration and upgradation we have found some important facts about Xcart 5 and listing down all in brief :

What’s new in X Cart 5.3 ?

1 . MVC structure : In earlier version i.e. Xcart 4 was not based on MVC structure but Xcart 5 is based on MVC structure.

2 . Symphony used : Xcart 5 is using symphony.

3 . Rest API : In Xcart 5 REST API is used.

4 . Caching system : In new version of Xcart caching system is efficient and relatively quick from older versions.

5 . OOP-based : If you know PHP well, you will faster write code for X-Cart 5.

6 . Easy upgrades and module installations : In Xcart 5 module upgrades and installation is quick and easy in comparison of older versions.

So above are few important facts that will be helpful if you are going to use  Xcart 5.
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