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How to do basic SEO for Website

By Lucid Softech IT Solutions | SEO,  28 Nov 2015

Basic SEO means a correct Title, Description and Content on the website, lets have a look in detail on them.

How to create an SEO Friendly Title?

Title: Title is the major part of a website that is visible to the readers and crawlers. Use the title which describes the page and should use some target keywords in the title. Use a meaningful sentence no longer than 70 characters.

How to do basic SEO for Website

How to write a description for a web page?

Your description is another important part for Google crawlers, what they show in the search results.Use the sentence that will explore your website to the crawlers and readers as well, put the short stuff that your website have and make sure your description can’t be longer than the 170 characters.

Optimize Your Web Site Content:

Content, As we all know that is the most important area of the website, make it informative to readers. You should contain all the information about what the reader needs, if readers are satisfied with your content they will come back to your website. You have to use your major keywords with the correct % of keywords (around 2-3%). Use Images Graph, pie charts to make it more informative and descriptive to the readers.

In the end, I would like to mention if you make all the three parts perfect you can go to other SEO improvement. I will discuss and share some other SEO HTML improvements and tell you how to improve your website through Google Webmasters soon.

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