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How to choose a unique name for your online store?

By Lucid Softech IT Solutions | Ecommerce,  20 May 2019

Choosing a unique and attractive name is always a crucial task if you are opening a brand new store. Choosing a right name for your store can help you to get immediate engagement. Here are few points that will help you to choosing a correct name.

How to choose a unique name for your online store?

1) Get inspiration: To decide a name for your business, it’s important that you have some inspiration, some theme or some message in your mind. Once you will decide a thought or message then it will help you to choose a proper business name.

2) Simple is best: Choosing a short and simple name is always a best option. If it’s simple and short then it can be pronounce easily, easy to convey. Also it will be always easy to make creative for that name.

3) Don’t copy: Try to look different every time while choosing / showing a brand name. Uniqueness is the most important thing, so you can always do a market research and see what your competitors are doing but you can take ideas only but be unique.

4) Play with domain names: When choosing a brand name this is a very important factor that the name that you have chosen is available in domain or not. So when choosing a domain, you can also try entering name in domain providers and can choose the best option for you. And there is no thumb rule that you need to select .com domain all the time, if your selected name is not available with .com then you can go with any other options which may be country specific, .info , .co or anything. Domain name can also make some impact in SEO, so if you will choose a proper and high quality name that will fit with you domain name will be helpful.

In addition, you can use some business name generator tools as well like Namelix, Wordoid and Namestation etc.

So I hope this blog will help you to choose a correct business name for your online store. Still if you think you need an ecommerce consultant to suggest you the best name and strategy for your online store business then we are ready to help

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