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Features and Benefits of X-cart Development

By Lucid Softech IT Solutions | CMS, magento, x-cart customization, x-cart development,  08 Sep 2015

X-cart is undoubtedly the most advanced shopping cart software. Since this is PHP shopping cart software, it is endowed with numerous well integrated features which make it the most sought after solution for ecommerce web development. Professionals mainly employ X-cart in the construction and development of a complete ecommerce site while some install it for just shopping cart development. In all its usages, X-cart has proved itself as the best comprehensive solution for creating a giant online store which lures millions of customers and earns big bucks of revenue.

Features and Benefits of X-cart Development

Much weight of the applause goes to the extensive features of X-cart. The web developers who have taken upon X-cart as their integrated ecommerce solution find that features of X-cart has extended uses and hence deliver optimum results.

Let’s take a look at its well rounded features:-

  • First of all X-cart is completely search engine friendly which augments its visibility on all the search engines. This sequentially emphasizes the number of customers visiting the online store each day.
  • X-cart is facilitated with multiple shopping cart options, for example, editable product options, mini cart and much more, all of which can be viewed on any page.
  • In order to enhance the shopping experience and to make it more enjoyable and interactive, X-cart flashes personalized greetings which make each and every visitor valuable, and feel welcomed to the store.
  • Since the X-cart software is built on PHP Smarty templates which are fully customizable, it adds to the flexibility of online store.
  • We more than often come across the fraudulent cash transactions and the data theft reports. But with the online stores working upon this PHP shopping cart software, there is no worry regarding the leakage of data and cash transaction. This comprehensive e-commerce web solution is entirely compliant with payment data security standards which in turn make the site extremely safe with such operations.
  • The online stores which the web developers have installed with X-cart provide a smooth, easy-to-navigate and non-complex shopping experience. Extensive search options along with product search and item filters, shopping suggestions and corrections during typing make the shopping pleasant task. To help navigate through the giant sites, the visitors are guided with product map and sitemap.
  • Additional options like special promotions and multiple checkout options add to the stunning operation of online store.
  • X-cart also has a quick to respond customer management and order management feature, which apart from helping the customers find their desired products also pay heed to customer grievances and respond within the stipulated time.

With such host of integrated features, X-cart has become the most sought after and most used e-commerce software in all the big and small online shopping portals. Owing to such popularity, the budget of trained professional X-cart developers has touched the sky. But with the emergence of offshore development companies, it is now relatively easy for the many aspiring merchants to locate skilled and well trained X-cart developers within considerable budget that can be called cheap.

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