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Facebook lite for Android devices : Faster Web Facebook

By Lucid Softech IT Solutions | Social Networking,  05 Mar 2016

Facebook has launched a new app which is a faster and lighter version of the already existing app ‘Facebook’. It is been designed keeping in mind the users who do not have high speed internet connection (basically for 2G connections) since the existing version was quite heavy to load. It is a tiny app which weighs only a quarter of megabyte.
 The key features of Facebook Lite are :

  • Light weight version of Facebook
  • Size of app : 252 kb
  • Designed for low end mobile phone users with 2G internet connectivity or for areas with limited internet connectivity
  • Compatible with Android 2.2 & higher
  • Currently available for download in 8 countries at present namely : Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Zimbabwe
  • It allows the users to post status, pictures, updates, comment on other’s posts, send private message to friends, and to start group conversations just like Facebook.

Facebook lite for Android devices : Faster Web Facebook

What’s different about Facebook Lite :

  • Using Facebook Lite, you can check your phone contacts & can find out whether there is anyone in the list to whom you have spoken but is not there in your Facebook friend list yet.
  • It alerts you in case you have a new Facebook message from a friend & allows you to open it directly which wasn’t the case with Facebook app (as you needed the Facebook Messenger app to open messages)
  • The size of Facebook Lite is mere 252 KB which is far lesser than Facebook app which is around 25-30 MB.
  • Posting Status: Absence of textbox at the top of page as in Facebook to start writing. You need to click on the “write” button to post your status.
  • Links cannot be added: Absence of button in text box to add a link as in Facebook.
  • Post Pictures: Presence of “Post Photos” button / link on top of the page which can be clicked to post your photos & create a photo album.
  • Posting Videos: Presence of “Post Video” button to post a video in Facebook Lite.
  • Tagged Pictures: You will be notified if you are tagged in a picture in your Facebook Lite feed.
  • Missing Highlights, Requests & Suggestions: The big list on the right side of the Facebook page is missing in Facebook Lite.
  • Button to view uploaded photos & videos: Presence of a button below the friend list button to see all the photo albums & videos that have been uploaded by you in the past.

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