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Facebook Advertising vs Google Adwords

By Lucid Softech IT Solutions | Social Networking,  12 Mar 2016

With the widespread use of internet among the masses, it has become an undoubtedly effective medium for advertising & marketing the products & services offered by your organization. And when it comes to online advertising the two internet giants come into mind namely Facebook & Google. Each has its own advertising approach. There is a debate going on as to which one is more reliable & productive. At first glance they might look pretty much same but there are some differences to be considered. You need to identify the differences & decide which one suits you keeping in mind your target audience, your budget & your strategic goal.

Facebook Advertising vs Google Adwords

Below I have jotted down few important differences among the two :

    • Targeting : On Facebook, you have the option to choose the target audience based on interests, geography & demography. So your ads will reach to the group of audience which is selected by you. Facebook displays advertisements on the basis of user’s likes.But unlike Facebook Google does not know about the people’s interests rather it triggers ads based on the provided search term. In Google Adwords you have no control who will see your ad. Adwords displays ads based on the searched keyword.
    • Cost : Advertising on Facebook is comparatively cheaper than advertising on Google. The price for your facebook ad depends on the amount of competition for your target audience.
      Because of the widespread acceptance as a reliable online ad medium, Google Adwords is a obvious choice amongst businesses of all kinds. which means the number of people using this service is quite high & thus the competition for keywords, which results in higher prices.
    • Building the brand : In case of Adwords once you click on the desired advertisement you are redirected to the company’s home page so if the design of the website is appealing to the customer then it might help you influence the viewer & thus build your brand but in case its not appealing or there are tons of ads displayed over there then the user immediately gets turned off.Facebook advertising allows to have word of mouth publicity as when you visit a page that is liked by your friend then it might help build your trust quickly.
    • Demographic & Keyword Targeting : Facebook gets to know your location by means of your profile which allows to target audience with more precision. Adwords doesn’t know much about your location or the keywords in which the users are interested it displays results only on the basis of the search term.

Hence, Facebook ads offer high click through & conversion rates.

Conclusion :
Which of the two wins out of the two is still your personal choice that depends on your needs & budget. Google Adwords will work best when the viewers are in research mode, however Facebook ads is about word of mouth publicity. It doesn’t only allow you to sell the products also it allows you to build a interactive relation with the customer.

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