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Common questions related to Web Development Services

By Lucid Softech IT Solutions | Web Development,  13 Apr 2017

Website is needed for almost any business under the sky and now more and more people are developing their website. But based on my experience I have found some common questions which everyone whats answer to before they actually start their website development:

Common questions related to Web Development Services

 Why do I need a website?

Everyone wants to promote their business, wants to tell about their business, and wants to showcase their business to the customer. For this there can no better option than website.

Website can also become your online store where customer can place orders and make payments.

You website can work for you 24 x 7.

So through a website the opportunities are endless and website is must for every business.

 How long does it take to develop a website?

Website development time can vary fromm few days to few years, it depends the features you need on the website. A simple 4-5 page information website can be developed in 4-5 days.

Can website be developed as per my business requirement:?

Yes, website can be customized as per your business requirement. Customization can be done on design as well as features.


I am not a technical person, can I update my website?

Now small informational websites are developed using CMSs like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc. So websites developed using CMSs are easy to manage.

Is making payment online is safe?

Nothing is 100% safe in the world. Even if you carry cash, there are lot of insecurities related to that. But with the advancement of technologies online transactions are safe but you have to alert and responsible using online payment system.

How people will come to know about my website?

When you open a shop or any business, you do promotion, In the same way you will need to do promotion of your website. There are companies who do website promotion. We do website promotion services here at Lucid Softech. Website promotion is open termed as internet marketing and comprises of SEO, SMO, PPC etc.

What are the basic elements of the website which a business owner must know?

Website has 3 main element hosting, domain and files.

Files: Files are the website files which are developed by the programmer and that contains the code related to your website. Which this will execute it will open your website.

Hosting: Hosting is the location where your website files are placed.

Domain: The location where your website is placed has a address which is complex to remember. So we associate that address to a domain and when ever that domain is hit, then the files placed on the address associated with the domain are downloaded on the browser and open the website.

What is cost of developing a website?

This is million dollar question. Cost for developing any website will depend on level of complexity in design and development. What features are needed etc. But to just to give you an idea that basic website can start from  $200.

I tried to answer most common questions that comes to any person looking to develop a website, I hope this will be helpful.

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