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Choosing CMS for your website

By Lucid Softech IT Solutions | CMS,  18 Mar 2016

In choosing the right content management system for your website, you will have to put into consideration the design and future redesigning, the editorial and approval process, user adaptation and the holistic effectiveness of the website. There are a lot of benefits to choosing CMS for your website, one of which is that CMS provides for variations and options and for many functionalities; as they are not all a-one-size-fit option. There are content management systems that offer different features for different solutions. They are easy to use and provide for an overall satisfactory workflow when done right.

Choosing CMS for your website

There are also benefits to using CMS on static HTML web designs, and some of these benefits include that CMS websites allow anyone to easily update, edit and publish content on their website without help from technical support. Its features and design templates are easy to use, and it helps improve page ranking through a structured and organized search engine optimization.

There is a range of content management systems that are available online and they are; WordPress (the most common of all, with great plugins, quick installation and a vast number of users), Joomla (provides great customisable features and it is easy to use), Modx (allows for multiple features on the same page and is also easy to use). TextPattern (great for blogs and corporate websites), RefineryCMS (easily allows for new functions and redesigns to be added), Drupal (easy to use and allows for thousands of features to be added to boost functionality). TinyCMS (it’s simple, easy to use and ideal for building small websites), Umbraco (It is free to use, and patronized more by corporations), DotNetNuke (great with window server and used mostly by corporations), and Concrete5 (very affordable and easy to use).
In choosing a content management system (CMS), there are major rules you must follow to achieve the best outcome with your website, otherwise you could end up with a bad job done or even choose the wrong system. With respect, it is also ideal to note that choosing the wrong CMS could affect badly your return on investment. Therefore, below are a major strategies to note when choosing CMS for your website.

The first of five is choosing the right vendor for the job. In choosing a vendor, ensure to check out the support it offers. A good support must include hosting, web development, mentoring for the users, strategy guidance and more. The support offered could be basic or premium, but ensure it has a good enough functionality or features. Access the vision, that is, the vendor’s vision of the market and its product usability. Access the community to understand its growth level, access its stability and its focus.
Secondly, strategize your business and its goals. To make the best of your investment on CMS, you need to have a set goal for your business. Your business strategy would give you an idea of the requirements for the software and platform needed.

Thirdly, in choosing to use CMS for your website, you should be looking at it to do two things for you, correspond with your business set goals and at the same time be easy to use. Ensure that the features, scenario and spreadsheet offered are easy to use and compatible with your needs.
Fourthly, you should analyze the product demos to see if it is in line with your aspirations for your business. Analyzing a product demo is time consuming, but is also an important requirement when choosing to use CMS for your website.

Last, avoid wasting money on over buying products, platforms or software that you do not need. The aim of doing business most times is to make money not lose it. In essence, if you are not sure on what to do, it would be best you seek the help of a professional web developer to create for you a web content management system that is best for your business objectives. The Ideal web developer should be able to choose the right CMS for your website and at an affordable price and also get it up and running for you, at a reasonable time. With the use of an expert developer, choosing CMS for your website could pan out a great choice.

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