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7 Reasons to Choose Laravel PHP Framework.

By Lucid Softech IT Solutions | Laravel, PHP,  12 Jun 2017

There are so many choices of Php frameworks now days. So either you are a developer and wanted to explore Laravel for carrier or you are a business owner and want to make a website in both cases Laravel can be a good option. For our reader I am going to list down some of the features of Laravel which are worth giving attention to. We are going to share few useful insights to adopt Laravel for your project.

7 Reasons to Choose Laravel PHP Framework.

1- Security: Its truth that no application is 100% secure and things will depend on how you are using and writing code and its structure. But in comparison to other frameworks Laravel has some good signs of security. Laravel takes care of security with CSRF tokens. These checks on each POST request, so make sure you use them, essentially this protects you from someone changing the nature of the request, i.e. from POST to GET.

2- Emerging star: Lots of web development companies are adopting Laravel very quickly due to its dynamic capabilities and they are getting good response. You can see the popularity in Google trends. In Google trends you will see the difference clearly as how this Laravel framework is gaining popularity and its growing exponentially.

3- Template: One of the best features of the framework is Blade templating engine. It’s so intuitive and working with the typical PHP/HTML so much better and easy. In Laravel, templates are very light weighted from which you can create amazing and decent layouts. You can use different type of widgets of JS and CSS with solid structure. So this also improves your websites load time which helps in websites search engine performance.

4- Laracast: Laracasts is the excellent tool for learning Laravel. Here you will get both free and paid video tutorials. And from the information you can learn about Laravel. The contents are all made by experts and experienced instructors who offers clear and concise instructions. So if you want to learn Laravel and want to build your carrier around it then Laracast is worth looking at.

5- Artisan: In Laravel, developer needs to interact using a command line that handles the Laravel project environment. Laravel is providing a built-in tool called Artisan, which allows user to perform lengthy programming tasks really quickly which can be easily done by Laravel developers. It is used to create a structured code, and database structure to make it easier to manage the database system.

6. Ready Made apps: With the growing popularity of Laravel and increasing demand of customer asking for similar features now there are various readymade apps available which can be used to add on any feature in Laravel website. This actually reduced effort and in that way reduced cost of development.

7- MVC Support: This is one of the important reasons which make Laravel the best PHP framework that it supports MVC Architecture. Due to this it helps in improving the performance, better documentation, and has multiple built-in functionalities.

Besides this there are other various key factors available in Laravel like Routing system, Application logic, Better code foundation, Suitable for all type of projects, Different API for caching system and many more.

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