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6 ways to enhance your marketing via Twitter

By Lucid Softech IT Solutions | Social Media Marketing,  26 Dec 2016

In this article we are going to give few tips and tricks that will help you make your marketing effective on twitter.

There is no doubt that Twitter is one of the most popular and handy systems. Top digital marketing agencies and media companies are using this platform go generate buzz for their client’s business.

6 ways to enhance your marketing via Twitter

Twitter is a platform which can do wonders for your business marketing but one should the fineprints on how to use twitter to make it effective marketing tool. Everybody knows twitter can be used to do marketing. Everybody know how to post a tweet but the real difference lies in understanding and implement it to get best output.

Here at Lucid Softech, our social media experts are thinking the same. Currently approx 150+ million tweets on daily basis and its good to share quick information here.

So how to make your twitter marketing effective?
In Twitter the main concept of posting tweets revolves around # “Hashtag”. It’s basically a technique to place your post in your targeted category. Below mentioned are some quick tips that may be helpful to enhance your Twitter marketing.

Keep it short.
The first important trick in tweets is “Keep it Short”. Small and concise tweets can be very useful. Also try to focus on one topic instead of many. Twitter is allowing total 140 characters for tweets. So make it simple, short and understandable.

Choose relevant Hashtag.
Hashtag is a soul of twitter and its a very powerful technique to get quality reach on your content so you should choose Hashtag wisely.

Always choose relevant Hashtag and target your audience. Also as per standards and strategy it would be good if you will not use more than 3 Hashtag in your tweet.

Use images in tweet.
Sometimes adding images, videos and GIF files can increase your number of impressions against tweets. As per social media experts, peoples want to involve and engage 2-3 time more in tweets containing images, videos etc.
And again image should be relevant and related to the topic.

Add polls and ask questions in tweets.
Its a most important tips to boost your reach. Using questions and polls in your tweets will be helpful to get your target audience and taste of your audience. But again its important that you should post only related or relevant polls / questions to your tweets. Click here to get more info related to polls twitter.

Always thanks to your followers.
This is a very common practice that every user needs to follow. If you are following a target audience and peoples started following you also, then you can reply them saying something “THANKS FOR FOLLOWING @USERNAME”.
It’s a good practice to reach your contact and also you can share some brief idea of your business as well in tweets.

Retweet & Share
Retweet and share the content of other users and their tweets. This will increase your availability in your audience and will increase your reach and impression as well.

These are some basic steps which take nothing on effort but their results are really effective and these steps can give you a good ROI in the your twitter campaign.

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