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4 best wireframe tools you can use for your web development project.

By Lucid Softech IT Solutions | Web Development,  23 Jul 2016

Creating wireframe is critical aspect in web development project. With wireframes we create basic layout of the page with any graphics. Wireframes mainly give the structure on what comes where and what will be the functions of each function. Looking at wireframe one can get the idea of overall structure of the website. Wireframes make things easier and gives clear picture of the website for designer and developer to work on. Wireframes help understands the feature of the website help in very handy is speedy finish of the project. Based in our experience for last 5-6 years we have found some wireframes tools which are really good and easy to use. I am describing top 5 tools which will be helpful for you on making your decision for wireframe tool.

4 best wireframe tools you can use for your web development project.

1 – Balsamiq: This is one of the popular tools for wire framing and its features and objects can help you in prototyping. The look n feel with this tool is exact like a hand sketch. User can just drag and drop the object in canvas in this tool. Exporting options are also available. It’s a paid tool along with 1 Month trial. On renewal the cost of single use is $89. It’s also available as desktop application. Below mentioned are few screenshots that we have created with the tool which will give you the idea of the output

2 – Axure: The next one is Axure and it’s an efficient tool and easy to use in comparison to Balsamiq. There are lots of objects available in this tool and we can use them by simply drag and drop. The look n feel of software is good and easy to understand so this can be a good choice for big websites and wireframes. This is a desktop application so it can be used even with the internet. It’s a paid tool with 30 days of trial. The base price is $29 per month and Pro version will be available in $495 per user. Some screenshots from Axure are attached below.

3 – MockingBot: If you are looking for a tool for your mobile applications then this is the tool that can help you better. The best part is that it’s a free tool. In this tool you can choose the OS for which you want to create wireframes i.e. Android or iOS. You can set the screen size also. In this you can create multiple pages and link them to each other. Also you can link them on the basis of event. Like on click you can link a page. So overall it’s an easy platform where we can draw our ideas easily. The unique feature is that we can download the wireframe as APK file so that we can share the apk file with our friends and they can simply install the file in their devices. Some screenshot are mentioned below:

4 – Pencil project: This is also a free tool and a desktop application. With the help of this tool we can create wide range of wireframes and can draw web pages in deep. In this tool user will be able to find out various objects along with stencils (Objects). UI of this software is very effective and all the options like export / import etc are available in this. Best part of this is you can add stencils (Objects) for free in this. Like we can add any images as a object and can use them in wireframes. Some captures screenshots are mentioned below:

So these are some wireframes which can be very handy when it comes to web development. These tools are very helpful but you need to do your homework using paper pencil. You must draw a rough structure using a pencil and paper and then get on to wireframe tools.
I hope this article is helpful is deciding your wireframe tool

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