Quality Control
Quality is not about making things complex, its about making things easy for
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Quality Control

We at Lucid Softech believe that quality control in any organization is not only about setting process and following it. It is actually a culture, a thought which needs to be developed across the organization to implement quality in right manner. Over the period of time we have developed that conviction in mind that quality is the crux for any business succeed.

This strong conviction in mind of each and every member of Lucid Softech allow us to provide great value to our customers and enhance their businesses with our solutions.

Below are the steps that we follow to make sure that the software developed is 100%quality assured:

Setup Test Environment:

We usually have a testing server where we make a testing URL and space for uploading the code. We upload the code cluster by cluster on to the server

System Verification:

On the testing server testing team test the application by entering the data to break the code and also note all the results that how system is behaving.

System Validation:

After the team has tested the application project manager coordinate with client to cross verify the code for bugs.

Setup Beta Server:

After the validation is done and client has approved the code is uploaded to the beta server. On this server we run a password protected application.

User Acceptance Testing:

Since beta server is password protected, limited number of users accesses the site and uses them like a real time normal user for a small period of time to get the real time feeling of the application. Once these users are satisfied the password id removed and site is made live.

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